Since January 2021, you can buy natural diamonds, Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds (CVD) and other diamond jewelry at the CHHAT DIAMOND’s showroom in Phnom Penh or through online. CHHAT DIAMOND import premium quality diamonds directly from a factory in Antwerp, Belgium for retail and wholesale. Up to now, we are supplying all size of diamonds to 150 goldsmith shops and 36 jewelry shops in Cambodia with very competitive wholesale price. We also create handmade and customize all kind jewelry such as ring, earring, necklace, watch,…etc. at sell in our own showroom.
The jewelry we make

Designing and creating timeless designs in high quality diamond jewelry using the best materials: that is our passion. Knowhow and expertise enables us to let every diamond shine on the jewelry to its maximum potential. You will see that our efforts in quality certainly appear on your luxury quality premium jewelry.

The diamonds we use

When buying jewelry, you will always find 100% natural, certified and luxury quality premium diamonds. We only select the best diamonds available graded by one of the most renowned gemological laboratories. This way, we guarantee the diamond in your diamond jewelry is best once. This at the best possible price and with personal, professional service.

36 jewelry shops in Cambodia as our partners and purchase diamonds from us
150 goldsmith shops in Cambodia as our partners and purchase diamonds from us
106 small jewelry stores in general markets, purchase diamonds and materials from us

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