CHHAT AGRICULTURE is well known as an exporter of all kinds of rice_ Jasmine rice, Fragrant rice, Glutinous rice, Parboiled rice and white rice as well as other agricultural products _ durian, cashew nut, mangoes, rubber, coconut, sugar palm…etc. from Cambodia. We source, process and export rice and other agricultural products, those are produced according to international certification standards or requirement specifications from buyers.

We conduct the business with doing cooperate and work closely with our strategic partnership rice mill factories, various farm owners, producers and Agricultural Cooperatives (AC), etc. throughout Cambodia to produce and process the international standard agricultural products to the worldwide diverse markets, including Malaysia, China, the European Union (EU), South Africa and North America. So that, the company has become a very important key factor in the foreign market for our partnership Cambodian rice millers and producers.

While we are cooperating and working closely with 24 international export quality standard rice mill factories, 64 Agricultural Cooperatives (25,000ha), 12 farm owner (12,000ha) and other producers (500ha) and 3 logistic companies was our strategic partners, we aim to export 25,000tons per year of rice and 10,000tons per year of the other agricultural products to our existing market channels in EU and China for 2021 onward.​

Rice Millers

24+ rice millers as strategic partners which play role as milling, packaging rice to meet export standard or buyer requirement. 


64+ Agricultural Cooperatives, product with 25,000ha and supply paddy to rice millers with quality control by AC leaders.   

Farm Owners

32+ farm owners produce paddy and other product such as rubber, durian, cashew nut, coco nut…etc. with 80,000ha for us.

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