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We provide world-class quality products and services to our customers and trade partners with the highest level of transparency and accountability, through our professional, committed, and highly skilled staff.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted Trading, Import, and Export Company, widely recognized by our customers and trade partners in Cambodia and overseas. We will do this by providing world-class quality products and services to our customers and trade partners through our newly innovated e-commerce platform for an easy and convenient shopping experience.

Our Mission

  1. To set consistently high standards across all product portfolios through our professional, committed and well-trained staff to provide premium quality products and services
  2. Continually innovate to improve our e-commerce platform to maximize its efficiency for customers and trade partners
  3. Foster transparent and comprehensive dialogues with our trade partners and customers, and work cooperatively to address any issues or concerns
  4. Show our commitment to health, safety and the environment by implementing best practice and encouraging a culture of responsibility in everything we do
  5. Provide development opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential

Our Values

  • – To offer world-class and high standard products and services
  • – To be a globally recognized and trusted business partner
  • – To ensure transparency and accountability
  • – To work collaboratively with customers and trade partners
  • – To ensure environmental friendliness
  • – To empower employees and ensure equality for all

Our Customers

  • – Always be their first choice as a trusted business partner
  • – Impress with our products and services
  • – Very satisfied customers and business partners

Introduction video

Message from Chairman


Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, and a very warm welcome to our CHHAT GROUP website here.

I am SOCHEAT, Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Now, customers’ demands are not that simple like what they used to be. There is a very high expectation in terms of “good quality of products and services” in the new technology trendy to make more convenient shopping experiences in the trusted ways for the customers and business partners. There are many solutions and offers in the markets but not all of them could delight the consumers’ expectations and satisfaction.

With my over 15-year experiences in understanding the consumer’s demands and shopping behavior and experiences across industrial products together with my shareholders who have sector expertise and product specializations, we have decided to establish this CHHAT Group company in order to provide the world-class quality and services to the customers and business partner with very transparency and accountability through our professionalism and high commitment from our well-trained staff personnel at our newly innovated e-commerce platform that makes very convenient and easiest shopping experiences in the environment friendly.

We stand very strongly at our core values: world-class and high standard products and services, globally recognized and trusted business partner, transparent and collaborative, high commitment and accountable, environmental friendliness and safety for the people, and people empowering and equity under our company vision to be the most Trusted Trading, Import, and Export Company that is widely recognized by our customers and trade partners in Cambodia and overseas.

We also make corporate responsibility a top priority. Our reputation for corporate integrity attracts great team members, great customers, and even greater opportunities. It is key to our long-term success.

I am continually impressed by the resourcefulness and entrepreneurial quality displayed by our people and the exceptional value they bring to the company. This allows us to deliver added product value and outstanding customer service to clients who can count on us to carry out our promises. Our staff and executive team at CHHAT GROUP are regularly assessing and reviewing our clients’ needs, the programs we offer, and the effectiveness of the services we provide.

We care about our team members’ health and well-being by providing a safe work environment and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Above all, we aim to be fair and honest with team members and to provide them with meaningful, challenging work. We believe no one has a monopoly on good ideas, and, in order to grow professionally, we will work with anyone who has constructive proposals for improved performance.

On behalf of CHHAT GROUP, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about all we have to offer. I am sure you will see why we love what we do.


Lenghchansocheat CHHAT, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO

Our Team