Market Research: We have a better understanding of how people think, feel, shop, share, vote, and view than anyone else. The combination of our expertise and advanced technologies, Chhat Research helps your organizations grow and succeed. [More]
Diamond: Wholesale and retail of all sizes of natural diamond (NA) and Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond (CVD) with GIA or IGI certificate. We also have our own jewelry shop selling all kinds of jewelry. We are committed to meeting our customers’ satisfaction. [more]
Cooking oil: Brolio and Noury are the product by the Brokelmenn factory since 1845. These two cooking oil is essential for making your food taste good and keeping your family healthy.  They are exclusively imported by CHHAT TRADING.  [more]

Who We Are ?

We are a Cambodian company that provides world-class quality products and professional services to our customers and trade partners with the highest level of transparency and accountability, through our professional, very committed, and highly professional and skilled staff.


Because, we are the highly professional service provider and consulting, most trusted trading, import, and export company, widely recognized by our customers and trade partners in Cambodia and overseas. We will do this by providing world-class quality products and professional consulting services to our customers.

We have a complete and unique understanding of people and consumers: how they think, feel, act and need locally with our extensive experiences in the Cambodian market.

For our professional consulting services, we do not just help our clients and customers understand what has happened, but we tell them why and how they can shape the future to capture those great potentials.

To be the most trusted professional consulting service provider, Trading, Import, and Export Company, widely recognized by our customers, trade and business partners in Cambodia and overseas. We will do this by providing world-class quality products and professional services to our customers, trade and business partners through professional service standard, our newly innovated e-commerce platform for an easy and convenient shopping experience and wide distribution channels.
1. To set consistently high quality standards across all service and product portfolios through our professional, very committed, and well-trained professional staff to provide premium and world-class quality products and services

2. Continuously innovate to improve our e-commerce platform and distribution channels to maximize its efficiency for customers and trade partners

3. Foster transparent and comprehensive dialogues with our trade and business partners, customers, and work cooperatively to address any issues or concerns

4. Show our commitment to health, safety, and the environment by implementing best practices and encouraging a culture of responsibility in everything we do

5. Provide development opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential

- World-class and high quality standard products, and professional services
- Globally recognized and trusted trade and business partner
- Transparency and accountability
- Working collaboratively with customers, trade and business partners
- Environmental friendliness
- Empowering employees and ensuring equality for all
- Always be their first choice as a trusted business partner
- Impressed with our products and professional services
- Very satisfied products, professional services and being business partner
Brolio & Noury, Germany Product

Brolio & Noury, Germany Product

Exclusive import cooking oil from Germany to supply to provincial depo and such exclusive depo in each Khan in Phnom Penh.
Export Rice & other agricultural products

Export Rice & other agricultural products

We export Cambodian rice to China and other countries in Europe and Africa. Please contract us now to get specifications and quote.

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What is CHHAT Group?

What does CHHAT Group do?
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Our Subordinates
CHHAT GROUP has 7 subsidiaries that provide world-class quality products and professional consulting services with their complete and unique value-added quality.
We are the professionally leading data, insights, and consulting company that helps our clients understand their customers, inspire sustainable growth, and make the right business decision. Our takeaway insights, evidences and advices are proven to drive client’s business growth and decision.
We are well known as an exporter of all kinds of rice_ Jasmine rice, Fragrant rice, Glutinous rice, Parboiled rice and white rice as well as other agricultural products such as durian, cashew nut, mangoes, rubber, coconut, sugar palm…etc. from Cambodia to abroad.
We provide wholesale and retail of all kinds of cosmetics products which are imported directly from Korea and other well-known markets. We offer the complete set from hair to toes for modern, luxury, high-quality beauty products to our valued customers in the market.
We offer wholesale and retail of all sizes of diamond and Lab Grown Diamond-CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond) which import directly from Belgium. We largely supply round-shape diamonds; however, we also accept orders of all kinds of shapes from our valuable customers.
We provide professional Engineering and Construction services of all kinds of investments and development projects such as Hotels, Malls, Condominiums, Villa and Townhouses (Bourey), flats, and bridges worth half-million dollars or more.
We are a sole distributor of​ 2 brands of cooking oil from Germany and other premium quality products from Europe to supply our exclusive depots in different geographical locations in Cambodia. We also offer more than 200 kinds of wine imported from various countries.
We are the business partner with the big and international real estate companies or investors in any kind of properties including land and plantation. Our partners are mainly from China’s Investment Groups and other European countries.
Meet Our Team
Our mission is to be better and faster, we drive our vision forward. We need team who can create focused marketing strategies that align with business goals and customers' needs. Please get to know and contact our team below, we are here to serve you!

Kimlieng LY (MR.) Agri. Product Consultant

Toni Tejero (Ms.) Research Director – Commercial & Pubic Affair Research

Socheat CHHAT (MR.) Chairman & CEO

Sovannaroth MUT(MR.) E&C Manager

SUBHADEEP CHOWDHURY (Mr.) Research Director – Pubic Affair Research

Bunikan HENG (MS.) Marketing Manager

Arden Vizconde (Mr.) Research Director

Marigold Balein (Ms.) Associate Research Director– Qualitative Research

Mengleng TOUCH(MR.) Biz. Dev. Manager

Myls Rivera (Ms.) Research Director

Sokheang TAING (Ms.) Associate Research Director – Commercial Research

Bunchhay CHHAT(MR.) Di.Marketing Manager

Emily Southall (Ms.) Ass. Research Director

Soklang KHEANG (Ms.) Operation Director

24 Ricemill factories as strategic partners, which process and package export standard rice for us.
3 logistic companies as strategic partners, which range all logistic and shipment to the globe.
4 exclusive wholesalers/depo which distribute cooking oils to the retailers within their target area
52 super markets, marts and outlets who directly receive all products from us.
150 goldsmith shops and 36 jewelry shops frequently purchase order diamonds and equipment from us
30+ others suppliers as our strategic partners


Location :
Borey Piphup Thmey La Sen Sok 2 #47-49, Street BT-08M, Phum Krang Angkrong, Sangkat Krang Thnong, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Near EDC Krang Thnong).

Call Center

Call Us :
012 890 801/010 969 005